Scouting For Girls star left embarrassed after splitting trousers on stage

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Scouting For Girls are known for putting on a lively show but found themselves in an awkward position when Roy Stride's trousers split at Wembley Arena.

The hitmakers had been performing at the prestigious arena as part of Girl Guiding Live but Roy was left red-faced as he attempted to play his grand piano.

The group consisting of Roy, Greg Churchouse and Pete Ellard have recently enjoyed a summer of performances including Trentham Live, where they also visited Trentham Monkey Forest.

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But while the monkeys were rather tamed, Roy's jeans were anything but at the rather awkward Wembley gig.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: "I split my trousers completely from the top of the zip all the way round to the bottom at Wembley Arena.

"That was pretty bad – it gets worse, it was for a Girl Guide gig."

The Little Miss Naughty hitmaker continued: "I'm not sure if the jeans were too short if they were too tight or I'd just put on a bit of weight but the riser to get to my grand piano was definitely too high.

"I went up there and they just went."

Through laughter, he added: "Wembley Arena is a long way to the dressing room so you can't just nip off stage, you'd get lost.

"If I'd have gone to the dressing room, our set would have been over before I got back!

"Our guitar tech ran on stage with a load of gaffer tape and gaffered up trousers while I was doing a song, playing a grand piano – that's probably the best bit of roading I think I've ever witnessed."

Recalling another experience at Wembley, he added: "That happened at Wembley Arena and then we played Wembley Stadium thinking that would be the best gig of our lives.

"It was the worst, we came on stage and you have all these monitors on stage to hear what you can hear and you can't hear what's going out.

"We rocked up and basically started with This Is Ain't A Love song which starts with a massive drum beat and that's how you know when to come in."

He continued: "The stage is so big and it's so noisy at Wembley Stadium, I didn't realise Pete had started because none of the monitors worked, so I just turned around and Pete is playing the drums.

"I don't know where we are, when I've got to come in, I couldn't hear my piano so I had no idea what key I'm singing in – so yeah that was the other disastrous time at Wembley, it's been pretty catastrophic."


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