Sea Shanty’s Nathan Evans and wife pestered for money after viral TikTok success

Viral TikTok star Nathan Evans has already found out that fame is a double edged sword.

The Scottish singer, 26, topped charts around the world earlier this year after the 220 Kid x Billen Ted remix of his Wellerman single went viral on video app TikTok.

And while he can't believe his luck and is working hard on a debut album, Nathan and his wife Holly have discovered cash-hungry fans have been sending request for money.

Chatting to Daily Star after special performance on a GoBoat in Canary Wharf, London, Nathan was keen to praise his supporters saying: "I've been lucky.

"I've not really had many bad comments – most of them have been positive so I am lucky."

But sources have explained to us how the unsolicited requests have been made direct to Holly via her email account.

A source told Daily Star: "One downside of fame and success is that people suddenly think they own a piece of you.

"Nathan's wife has received blind emails from random members of the public asking for money.

"Just a few months ago they were a normal couple now Nathan is all over social media and performing at the Brits."

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Taking it all in his stride, the talented singer/ songwriter now hopes to bring out an album after a flurry of singles.

He explained: "I want to get an album together and as many live performances as possible.

"A few more singles then there is an album in the mix for sure. That will be coming."

Nathan added of his new found fame: "It is all still a bit weird but its not as bad. I've calmed down.

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"I've settled into it better. There was a few blue ticks in my DMs who were congratulating me and saying they are watching my journey.

"It's always good to see those who have already made it send me positive messages."

In his most quirky gig yet, Nathan revealed his second single live on the River Thames earlier this week.

Perching with his guitar and mic, the signer, who cites Ed Sheeran as his biggest inspiration, kicked off Brits weeks with the quirky gig.

"It was a lot less rocky than I thought it was going to to be," he said of the GoBoat show.

"I thought it was going to be a bit choppy and that i'd lose concentration but it was nice.

"It is top of the list for weird gig locations; In Canary Wharf on a boat.

"I can't wait to be able to sit and play to a group of people live once more rather than over the past year doing it over my phone.

"To be able to play music for people again will be great."

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