Stacey Dooley rushed for brain scan by doctors after horrific migraines

Stacey Dooley has recalled how she was suffering with migraines so bad she was rushed in to undergo a brain scan.

The television presenter and former Strictly Come Dancing champion said the headaches were frequent and so bad they would cause her to throw up.

Broadcast journalist Stacey, 33, says she was forced to seek medical help after the migraines and nausea became too much.

She told how doctors opted it was best to see fit a brain scan. Thankfully, Stacey's results following her check up were good as she was given the all clear.

During a chat on A Night In with Stacey Dooley on online theatre event site Fane she opened up.

Stacey said: "I was really ill. I kept getting bad migraines for a while and I had to go and get my brain looked at.

"I was throwing up all the time."

During the chat, the star also went on to discuss her UKTV show Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over.

The show sees Stacey stay with members of the public at their home so she can get a first hand understanding of a modern life in Britain.

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Stacey said there was one awkward part of staying with the families as they decided to have sex while she was there.

She explained: "It’s really funny when sometimes the houses can be quite small so you can be directly next door to a couple, who are in love and are married and they want to have sex of an evening.

"So sometimes I just lie there thinking, 'I can deal with all of this, but I could just do without you two having sex.' Just for this weekend because then I would feel less awks."

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Stacey’s online chat is available to watch via the Fane website until Friday 19 February.

It comes as the star celebrated Valentines Day with her Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer partner who she starred on the show with in 2018.

In 2019 the pair became an official item and went public with their blossoming romance.

Celebrating today, they each took to their accounts to pay tribute to the other.

Stacey uploaded three separate photos, the first one showing a napkin with the opening lyrics to the song Mr Bojangles stitched into it, alongside some burning candles.

In her second photo, there was a bouquet of pink and red roses given to her by Kevin, before uploading another photo of Kevin drinking out of a coffee cup with the caption "One in a million".

Kevin uploaded a photo of the two of them as children both doing cheeky grins, with a caption tagging Stacey followed by a heart emoji.

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