Suki Waterhouse Shares She Found Peace While Working on Music

The 30-year-old ‘Bad Batch’ actress, who released her debut album ‘I Can’t Let Go’ last month, admits that working on the collection was a therapeutic way to ‘find peace’ with the struggles of fame.

AceShowbizSuki Waterhouse turned to music to cope with life in the spotlight. “The Bad Batch” actress released her debut album “I Can’t Let Go” last month, and she admitted working on the collection was a therapeutic way to “find peace” with the struggles of fame.

The model told the Daily Star newspaper’s Wired column, “When I first came into contact with reading about myself in that way when I was really young, you know, people saying I was ugly and fat, even worse, it hits you so hard when it first happens.”

“But I’ve found peace with it – this living, breathing animal,” Suki shared. The star went on to note that even with her position as a household name, she faced some challenges trying to land a record deal.

She divulged, “There were so many blocks. I knew that to be taken seriously I would have to make the album myself. She continued, “To find a label, I’d have to prove that I was incredibly passionate about it and show them what I could do.”

The 30-year-old star opens up on the album, including on songs like “Bulls*** On The Internet” and “Melrose Meltdown”.

For the former, she explained, “Obviously, now, there’s a very common thing where you’re going to tell the public about everything that’s ever happened to you and share every way you were wronged, all that kind of stuff. But that never appealed to me. I feel like saying anything online is making yourself a puddle to kick, it’s fun for them.”

And she also touched on a previously break-up in “Melrose Meltdown” singing about watching a former flame “work the room” and “hoping one day we’re married.” Reflecting on the story behind the track, she said, “I was in the middle of a breakup, in the middle of the Oscars, running away from security covered in diamonds.”

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