Watch Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox Cover Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'

In the new episode of “Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch,” Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox took on Black Sabbath’s 1970 single “Paranoid.” The pair were joined by their trusty sidekick Sidney Jake in their kitchen, where they gave a raucous rendition of the song, off Black Sabbath’s album of the same name.

“The kitchen trio take it to the extreme again, and we can confirm no actual feathers were harmed in the making of this video,” Willcox wrote alongside the clip, referencing the blowing feathers in the themed video.

This marks the second time Fripp and Willcox have covered the tune. Last fall, a tattooed Fripp played the track’s memorable guitar riff inside a prison cell while Willcox danced and sang along outside in a video titled “Toyah & Robert’s Paranoid Halloween Sunday Lunch.”

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The duo has been releasing weekly covers throughout the pandemic, including renditions of “Smoke on the Water” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” In March, Willcox told Rolling Stone the videos started with the couple filming “Rock Around the Clock.”

“I wanted to get Robert moving,” she explained. “This whole thing about being in lockdown was people were stopping moving, and our generation must move. So I taught him how to jive to “Rock Around the Clock,” and we filmed it. It’s the first time we’d ever posted anything like it, our first step into that form of social media.”

Fripp added, “Performers have a responsibility to perform and at this particular time to keep people’s spirits up. This is a very English cultural tradition. Essentially, when things are really bad in England, what you do is begin laughing and do silly things. A good reference point is the Ministry of Silly Walks on Monty Python. Now it’s, ‘Robert puts on a tutu and dances to Swan Lake at the river’s edge with his wife.’ So I have followed my wife’s sense and vision of these things.”

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