Whigfield got ‘bored’ of Saturday Night in the 90s and hates performing it on TV

Euro-dance icon Whigfield has admitted she got "sick" of her hit song Saturday Night after performing it so many times in the 1990s.

The hitmaker soared to Number 1 on the UK Singles Chart with the track back in 1994.

It was her only track to reach peak single position in the country, though she later had hits with Think Of You and Another Day, both reaching Number 7.

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Now the star has sat down exclusively with Daily Star as the song approaches its 30th birthday, as she prepares to perform at Reminisce Festival in St. Helens, Merseyside this September.

Whigfield, real name Sannie Charlotte Carlson, explained the song feels "a bit naff" when she's forced to perform it on TV, though she doesn't mind seeing crowds rocking out to it at festivals.

She said: "I got sick of it in the mid-90s because I performed it so much, you know when you have to sell a song it’s not the same as [performing live].

"When I had to do television and promotion generally, it’s not the same as when you go out on stage and perform it. They’re two different things. So I still love doing it in festivals, but if I have to do it on TV shows and stuff it’s a bit naff."

Whigfield continued: "I think because it was such a particular song, it was so different from any other song out there, I think that’s the reason why you still hear it being played in weddings and different places.

"People are still sending me videos where they’re playing the song, DJs are sending me clubbing videos. It’s going to be 30 years next year and I’m planning a bit of a surprise, but I’m not going to say what it is."

The star added that it's "crazy" the song sparked an international dance craze, admitting she had nothing to do with choreographing the iconic routine.

"The fact that someone, somewhere, made this dance and it just went around the world, it’s just so crazy.

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"What happened after that was Los Del Rio with the Macarena, they did the almost same dance in their videos. They stole my dance! It’s very similar. But they can have it, it’s okay."

And though Saturday Night might very well be of its era, Sannie seems glad some aspects of the 90s stayed where they were, including Robbie Williams flirting with her on TV.

She confessed: "Robbie was a bit flirty with me when we were doing Top of the Pops together, but it was just a little flirty, that was about it!"

Whigfield is performing at Reminisce Festival in St Helens, Merseyside on Saturday 10th September 2022.


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