‘500 year-old’ texts show ancient space rocket and talk of moon travel

Ancient documents that are over half a millennium old have shown ideas for a space rocket and plans to travel toward the moon.

The exceptionally old manuscript describes a three-stage space rocket design as well as mentions of the moon and just how researchers of the time would get there.

At 500-years-old, the documents appear to be showing some form of rocket that would transport those on Earth up into the stars, with a 450-page manuscript uncovered and subsequently examined.

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Documents from the Tudor era appear to show some incredible grasp of futuristic rocket science, with concept shown on the ancient papers of just how a trip to the moon could be planned out.

Romanian engineer Doru Todericiu examined the manuscript for the first time in 1963, and soon discovered that the the final third of the manuscript had been written by Conrad Haas, whose ideas were fairly close to what modern times showcased.

Despite limited details over the life of Haas, it would appear he masterminded keen and clear designs of rocket ships.

The former Transylvanian imperial guard will likely have written up the manuscript between 1529 and 1569.

Haas' work talks of rockets, stabilizers and fuelling engines that were beyond the sophistication of technology at the time.

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But it was not just rocket ideas and blueprints that came through the pages, planned out trips to the moon were also mentioned inside of the ancient manuscript.

Experts following Todericiu do not doubt the legitimacy of the documents and manuscript pages, but are in no way sure of where best to place the very modern ideas found within.

A multitude of designs were found throughout, including that of a rocket and how exactly it could be launched, howandwhys reported.

Although a tad primitive of a launch, utilising a tree branch and a bloke holding onto a rope, the actual design of the rocket is staggeringly similar to that of those that are shot into the sky to this very day.


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