‘A ghost saved my life inside haunted jail – now I’m protective of the spirit’

A psychic has said she is "protective" of spirits after a ghost saved her life one night at a spooky former jail.

The event reportedly took place at Chester County Jail, which is claimed to be one of the most haunted locations in South Carolina, US..

The prison was built in 1914, but was later converted into a museum in 1981. Since then, there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity taking place on the premises.

Liz Smith-Anderson, a psychic who runs the Chester County historical society, claimed she’s seen “two and felt another four or five” ghosts during her time working in the former prison’s grounds. She even says one of them saved her life.

Contributing to the Unsolved Mysteries podcast, Liz described the moment she fell heavily off a footstool while carrying a large box, and was supposedly saved by a ghostly intervention.

“As I was coming down, I distinctly felt two hands push my head forward, and when I landed on my side, my head was next to the right leg of the table,” she said. “Had I hit my head, I probably would have died down there.

“I broke my kneecap from my tibia to my ankle and back up in a 'V'.

Then came the small matter of climbing out of the basement where Liz was lying, but she claimed the jail’s ghosts helped her once more.

“I dragged myself to the door and off in the corner was a stack of office chairs,” she recalled. “I was in so much pain, I was crying, and I finally yelled out, ‘please somebody help me!’

“And then a chair fell over and slid towards me.”

Liz explained how she then used the chair to make her way back upstairs and find help, saying: “I could feel somebody going, 'it’s okay, you’re going to make it'.

“So I thank the spirits of the 1914 jail forever. That’s why I’m so protective of them.

“I get choked up thinking about it, because I never would have got out of there if they hadn’t done this for me.”

She described how this experience has reinforced her belief in the paranormal. “My time at the 1914 jail has only been confirmation for what I already knew,” she added.

“Ghosts are real. They do exist. Maybe not real on a third dimensional level, but certainly elsewhere.”

Since beginning work at the historic former jail, Liz said she has approached ghosts with a more cautious, respectful manner.

"The first day I went, it was sort of scary to go in there by yourself, because I could immediately feel the presence," she said.

However, she reassured herself: "It's not the dead that can hurt you it's the living."

In fact, after 12 years working at the jail, Liz suggested she had grown fond and protective of the ghosts.

She recalled how one visitor supposedly upset an infamous ghost called The Trustee by threatening the ghoulish inmates.

Afterwards, Liz said, she "promised him that night that nothing like that would ever, ever happen again to him".

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