Adult star’s pet python, Betty bites partner’s todger after steamy session

An adult star has opened up about a traumatising experience caused by her pet python, Betty.

Australian actress Dani Dabello took to social media to share her partner's wince-inducing ordeal with her 20,000 fans. In a video posted on TikTok earlier this month, with her snake wrapped around her neck, she said: "So these things never happen to me but boy do I have a story for you.

"First, I just want to introduce you to Betty. She’s my Centralian carpet python. Say hi Betty. She’s about eight-foot-long. I’ve never had an issue with her biting or anything until today."

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Dani adds: "So earlier I had a friend over and we shot a video for my other page… once we were finished doing that he jumped In the shower, but he did mention he wanted to hold one of my pet snakes afterwards."

She explains how she placed Betty on his shoulder and went to freshen up before hearing a "massive scream."

"I’ve turned around and seen that Betty is holding onto his [private parts] and he’s tried to pull her off it," Dani said.

"After a few minutes we managed to get Betty off him and I put her back into her enclosure and there was blood everywhere so we cleaned all that up."

Dani said she checked to make sure there were “no little teeth" embedded in the man's penis before cleaning him up with some antibacterial cream and "made it all nice again."

"I did suggest he went and had some tetanus shots," she added.

"He messaged me afterwards to say he'd had a tetanus shot and couldn't wait to come back for round two.

"I'm just really glad that Betty didn't ruin my chances with him and that I'll get to see him again."

The video has been viewed 17,600 times.

One person wrote: "Now the poor guy is going to suffer from ereptile dysfunction."

Another said: "The snake made a real asp of herself!" while one simply commented: "Only Fangs."

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