Aircraft makes penis-shaped flight pattern in diversion – but it was accidental

The pilot of a holiday jet flew the aircraft in a rather obscene flight path after learning it was being diverted – but officials say it wasn’t intentional.

The Lufthansa aircraft flew in a penis-shaped outline over Sicily, Italy and was spotted by amused aviation fans on FlightRadar24.

According to reports by local media, the disgruntled pilot wanted to protest his diversion from Catania to Malta.

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However, officials have dismissed this and claimed that the todger in the sky was nothing more than an accident as the jet changed direction.

The diversion away from Fontanarossa airport was due to a fire which broke out in terminal A.

Dozens of other flights were also disrupted by the blaze on July 16, added the publication.

Flight LH306 departed from Frankfurt on 28 July at 1.45 pm, and had reportedly attempted to land in Catania twice before receiving the order to change course for Malta.

The company that manages the airport claimed that a sudden change in the wind was to blame for the diversion.

The jet circled around the east of the island three times, leaving a lewd pattern in its wake.

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Sac told La Repubblica: “Other planes also tried to land a first time but had failed so they had to go around and then they managed to do it”.

This isn’t the first time a pilot has accidentally, or purposely, created a rude pattern above our heads.

According to the Mail Online, a military helicopter drew another penis-shaped flight pattern over Malta earlier this year.

The pattern occurred over the island of Comino, and it managed to turn several heads in the aviation industry.

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An Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) helicopter was responsible for the questionable route, but it was first spotted by the popular website

Many assumed the ballsy stunt had been a deliberate effort, as flight number AS1429 included a series of intentional looking.

However, the AFM told the Times of Malta: “The flight tracking shown was segmented as the helicopter was flying low altitude and did not show the completed flight path.”

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