Airline crew plan to ‘travel back 26 years’ to stop deadly plane crash happening
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    A flight attendant has hatched a unique plan to stop one of the deadliest plane crashes from ever happening – and it involves time travel.

    TWA Flight 800 broke up 12 minutes after take-off after a fuel tank exploded.

    All 230 people on-board died shortly after departing John F Kennedy International Airport in New York.

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    It was heading towards Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport on July 17, 1996.

    And despite it taking place more than 26 years ago, a member of one of the largest Time Travel groups on Facebook has come up with a way of stopping it.

    Claiming to be a flight attendant, Emily Annunziata wrote about her plan in extraordinary detail, starting by going back in time and making sure that she was actually on-site at JFK Airport all day on the day of the deadliest plane crashes in history.

    She wrote, in 2021: “The reasons I choose the day of the crash and NOT 1969 (or 1970?) when the aircraft was first built are first of all, I would have no idea where to go or how to get to the Boeing corporate headquarters in 1969/'70 – there was no Internet, so I wouldn't have a clue about directions to get there.

    “Second of all, even if I found the Boeing headquarters I would look crazy trying to explain to them my being from the future.

    “It's TOO far into the future and too much would change…they wouldn't get the concept of the Internet and smart phones at all, (and) they'd just think I'm crazy and write me off, and I wouldn't end up succeeding in convincing them of anything.”

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    The Internet, she rightly points out, was more widespread in 1996, and mobile phones were starting to become mainstream.

    This, she claims, would mean she wouldn't look “THAT crazy” when telling people she was from 26 years in the future.

    Onto her plan, she said: “I would have several printed out newspaper articles from the Internet. “Come to think of it, it wouldn't be a bad idea to quickly travel to July 18, 1996 first and pick up a hardcopy newspaper.

    “I would also have my badge on to show them I'm a flight attendant in 2021.

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    “I would tell them about all the Federal Aviation Administration reports that it was a centre fuel tank explosion, show them all the articles, the 7/18 newspaper, and 100% convince them to ground the flight and take that plane out of commission and into a hangar immediately!

    “Of course the challenging part would be to convince them that major safety changes such as fuel tank inverting have to be made on all aircraft so that something like that never happens, and that always ends up being the dilemma of altering the past: without the catalyst for more aviation safety, how would I would actually convince them to make the big sweeping safer changes anyway?”

    Nobody has ever proven that time travel exists, but if television shows are anything to go by then her plan would lead to a whole host of other changes – and could damage the current timeline in ways we'll never know about.

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