‘Alien-like’ creature found on UK beach — even RSPCA have no clue what it is

A woman was baffled after she came across an "alien-like" creature during a stroll on a UK beach.

Marilyn Inglis, 72, spotted the animal with a spiked tail and a translucent head while walking on a beach in Littlehampton, West Sussex, last year, reports the Mirror.

Marilyn told the publication: "You don't see too many things like that – we just stood there looking at it for a while. It appeared alien-like.

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"I've shown the pictures to loads of people but no one seemed to know what it could be," she added.

"When I showed it to people who go fishing no one seemed to have an idea of what it is, but they didn't see it in real life, which was more spooky than just seeing the photo."

She has since realised the bizarre creature, which was deceased when she happened across it, looked similar to another mystery animal snapped on the Dorset coast in December.

Both are dark grey in colour, and have the same see-through head, much like a jellyfish, with at least two fins and a long tail.

Londoner Marilyn had been visiting a friend when the discovery was made in March 2022.

And even experts at animal charity the RSPCA said they were baffled by the creature and were unable to identify it.

However, researchers at the Marine Conservation Society have a guess as to what the animal could be, stating it could be a species of ray fish.

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After being shown pictures of the creature, a spokesperson said: "Our experts believe this is a thornback ray that has been fished and had its wings removed."

Previously, Reddit users weighed in with their own ideas of what the two mystery creatures could be, suggesting the animal found in Dorset could be a stingray "without any wings".

Twitter users were equally keen to weigh in on what the creature could be.

"The loch Ness [monster] decides to have a baby!" one wrote.

Another chimed in: "Bound to be aliens in the sea ..microbes from meteorites etc."


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