‘Aliens took my sperm in sex experiments – now I wonder if I have kids in space’

A bloke who says he was repeatedly abducted by extraterrestrials who did “sexual experiments” on him every night for a week now wonders if his DNA was used to create hybrid alien babies.

Julius Jacob Shields, from Kansas City Missouri, believes the ETs first made contact with him around 11 years ago.

At first, he said, they made a friendly approach. It all began with unexplained glowing orbs floating outside his house.

Then a tiny creature, no more than about three or four feet tall, tapped on his bedroom window. “It had three tentacles,” he told the Soft White Underbelly blog, “and it raised them up and started tapping on my window."

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“That was the first time I'd ever seen something that wasn’t human," Julius said.

"And when I saw that, I just froze, I didn't make a move”.

It was later, Julius added, that the extraterrestrial visitors took a more sinister approach.

He started having strange dreams that hinted at life on some distant planet.

“In one specific dream, I was in this arena, Gladiator style, and I just see all these creatures and goblins and ghouls just all in the stands and I didn't know what was going on," he said.

“Then like this teal blob monster just falls down in front of me and a weapon spawned in my hand."

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Julius said that he killed the bizarre creature, and felt like he had “won something”.

“Then it got more sexual because there was a full week straight where I was having wet dreams every night," he said.

"I was having sex with different creatures, women and just different stuff.

“I would wake up, and I would look at my pants and sometimes there'd be nothing and sometimes it would just be wet – there would be no actual sperm in there."

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What makes these “alien” dreams especially eerie, Julius said, is that he later met up with his estranged uncle, and it turned out he had also been having the same dreams at more or less the same time.

“I've done my research on this stuff and I know that what came to me, they’re called the Greys," he said.

“They're not a very big creature, they're only they're only about three to four feet tall. They drive saucers and they have a mothership.

“It's almost astonishing but it just makes you realise that there's just more to life than just what we have here on Earth."

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But now Julius is starting to wonder whether children could have been born from the genetic material harvested from him during those “wet dreams”.

“Give it maybe another 10 years or so and then I'm curious to see what happens," he said.

"Because if it is real and I do have extraterrestrial children, and they used my sperm to recreate life and do whatever. I would really hope those individuals wouldn't be brainwashed enough to be able to come back and try to figure out where it all started.”

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