Aliens will crush humans in horror war and ‘crack Earth like nut’ claims expert

Aliens will crush humans in a terrifying war of the worlds and could "crack this planet open like a nut", according to a UFO expert.

Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, says humans are toast if ETs invade because their weapons will probably be billions of years ahead of ours.

He says sci-fi flicks where humans vanquish hordes of invading little green men are unrealistic, as their weapons would be so advanced they’d seem like "magic".

US spooks published a bombshell report on UFOs earlier this month.

It concluded that 143 unidentified aerial phenomena sightings by US military pilots since 2004 remained unexplained, fuelling further fears of an alien invasion.

The report added: "UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security."

Despite this, the UK Government says it has no plans to launch its own investigation into UFOs and the threat they could pose to Brits.

But Mr Pope – dubbed Britain’s Fox Moulder after the X Files character – slammed the "idea we would suddenly pull something out of the bag and defeat an alien invasion".

He added: "Just to put this in context, the universe is nearly 14 billion years old, and there might be civilisations out there with a billion or two-year head start on us.

"Now if you think about the difference in technology, think how far we’ve come in the last two-three hundred years, basically from horse and cart and ships sailing across the ocean using the wind, we have come from that to stealth fighters, space probes and smartphones in just that short period of time."

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He went on: "Now imagine that hypothetical civilisation or rather civilisations, look, the chances of there being just one other civilisation in the universe are as vanishingly small as the chances of being alone, it’s going to be very crowded out there.

"The chances that we will encounter a civilization and it will be 20/30 years ahead of us in scientific understanding and technological advancement, that’s not going to be the situation.

"They will be, like I say, millions, maybe a couple of billion years ahead of us and their technology will be indistinguishable from magic.

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"Again, people say we have a space programme so we’re doing it too, well, yes and no.

"Our fastest space probes that we have ever built, if we had pointed them at the nearest star aside from our own sun, they would take 75,000 years to get there.

"So if we are being visited, a civilisation that has figured out viable interstellar travel is going to be able to crack this planet open like a nut, if they wanted to."

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