Amazon launches IMDb TV streaming service in the UK

Amazon launches IMDb TV streaming service in the UK, allowing users to watch films including Pulp Fiction and Meet the Parents on demand for free – albeit with ads

  • IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming service, is finally available for users in the UK
  • The free video on demand service made its debut in the US back in January 2019
  • It’s accessible within Amazon Prime Video and its content is free, but it has ads  
  • Even if you aren’t signed up to Amazon Prime Video, you can still access IMDb TV if you have an Amazon account 

Amazon has launched the IMDb TV streaming service in the UK, more than two-and-a-half years after it debuted in the US.

The video on demand streaming service, owned by Amazon and first launched in January 2019, is free and accessible within the Amazon Prime Video app, but it comes with ads.

Even if you aren’t signed up to Amazon Prime Video, you can still access IMDb TV as long as you have an Amazon account. 

Films on the service include Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever, Meet the Parents, The English Patient, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown and Scary Movie. 

TV shows, meanwhile, include Dawson’s Creek, Community, The A-Team, Masterchef Australia and Babylon 5. 

IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service, is now available in the UK within the Amazon Prime app


IMDb TV launched in the US in January 2019.

It was launched more than two-and-a-half years later in the UK, in September 2021. 

It’s accessible within the Amazon Prime Video app, although you just need an Amazon account to watch IMDb content.

IMDb TV is free but you have to put up with ads, much like All 4 and ITV Hub.  

Amazon owns the popular online film and TV database IMDb, from which the streaming service gets its name. 

The Seattle-based tech giant giant bought IMDb from English film fan and computer programmer Col Needham back in 1998. 

‘IMDb TV has created a free-to-consumer destination by combining a hybrid of exclusive Originals from Amazon Studios and highly sought-after movies and television,’ said Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi, co-heads of content and programming, IMDb TV. 

‘Today’s UK launch marks a major step in our mission to deliver customers widely appealing content and globally relevant storytelling, through a personalized, free streaming experience.’ 

Starting today, all IMDb content can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, for both UK Prime and non-Prime customers, through this link.  

Alternatively, viewers can access IMDb TV through a dedicated carousel within the Amazon Prime Video app, surrounded by the usual content found on Prime.

The carousel is called ‘IMDb TV – Popular Movies and TV – free with ads’ and each show or film’s icon is overlaid with a small white tab in the top corner saying ‘ads’. 

If you’re not an Amazon Prime user, not to worry – you just need an Amazon account to start playing IMDb TV content.  

In the coming weeks, the free streaming service will also be available via a standalone app on Fire TV.  

Fire TV is Amazon’s physical device that you plug into your TV to access a range of apps including Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, All 4 and ITV Hub.  

In the coming weeks, the free streaming service will also be available via a standalone app on Fire TV, Amazon’s own physical device

IMDb TV launches in the the UK today with a decent selection of titles, but it will also be adding new content every month. 

This includes ‘highly sought-after licensed content’ across a variety of genres, Amazon said, like ‘IMDb TV Originals from Amazon Studios’.

These originals include ‘Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary’, all about country music star Luke Bryan, and ‘Moment of Truth’, about the murder of James Jordan, father of basketball player Michael Jordan. 



Across the Universe

America’s Sweethearts

Anger Management



Field of Dreams

Freedom Writers

Jackie Brown

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Kramer vs. Kramer

Lawrence of Arabia

Life Is Beautiful 

Meet the Parents

Napoleon Dynamite

Pulp Fiction

Saturday Night Fever

The English Patient

The Kingdom

The Machinist

The Skeleton Twins

The Whole Nine Yards

Black Death

Butterfly Effect 2


Donnie Darko

Hannibal Rising


Night of the Living Dead 

Scary Movie


The Fog 

TV shows

2 Broke Girls

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Babylon 5

Blue Heelers 


Crime Investigation Australia 

Dawson’s Creek

Deals In The Desert

Drug Wars 

Family Food Fight 

Famous Homes & Hideaways  


Magnum, P.I.

Masterchef Australia

Masterchef Canada

Masterchef New Zealand

Person of Interest

The A-Team

The Simple Life

The Really Big Flip 

My Restaurant Rules 

Law and Order Special Victims Unit


Unsolved Mysteries 

Whose Line is it Anyway?  

IMDb TV Originals

Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary 

Moment of Truth 

Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers 

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