Amazon, Spotify, Reddit and Twitch are DOWN

‘The internet has broken!’ Hundreds of websites worldwide are DOWN – with UK government, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon all affected

  • UK government website plus Amazon, Spotify and PayPal all down this morning
  • Millions of users worldwide have reported problems accessing web pages
  • Netflix, Twitch, Pinterest and UK chemist Boots also affected by the outage 

Hundreds of websites worldwide are down this morning – with the UK government, Amazon, Spotify and Amazon all experiencing issues.

Millions of users across the globe have reported problems trying to access web pages, with Netflix, Twitch, Pinterest and UK chemist Boots also affected by the outage.

While the reason for the internet outage remains unclear, it’s likely the issue is with Fastly – a content delivery network (CDN) company that helps users view digital content more quickly. 

Fastly’s technology requires it to sit between its clients and their users, meaning that if the service suffers a failure, it can prevent those companies from operating on the net at all. 

In an error message posted at 10:58 UK time, Fastly said: ‘We’re currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN services.’  

Amazon, Spotify, Reddit and Twitch are all down this morning, with users reporting problems trying to access the services (stock image)

The outage tracker site DownDetector has picked up a number of issues affecting websites including Reddit, Twitch, PayPal, Amazon and Etsy (pictured)

Social media users complained that the internet was ‘broken’ following the problems this morning

Users across the world have been taking to social media to share their frustrations about the outage

Among the reported websites affected are Twitch, Reddit and Amazon, as shown in the Tweet above

Many users encountered problems trying to access Amazon’s website this morning


AWS is a cloud computing service that gives customers a way of accessing databases, storage and servers. 

AWS owns and operates the hardware that is required to provide these services.

Customers access what they need from AWS through a web application.

Amazon’s cloud computing option allows users to pay for the resources they need as they go – meaning they do not have to purchase servers that might not even be used to be safe.

Additionally, the service allows developers to access exactly the infrastructure capacity they need so they do not end up having purchased too much or too little.  

The ‘AWS Secret Region’ is a subset with the capability to allow the 17 intelligence agencies to host, analyze and run applications on government data classified at the secret level.

The service is air-gapped—or shut off—from the rest of the internet.

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