Area 51 manager says ‘flying saucer’ and ‘live being’ were recovered at site
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    The US government found a crashed ship and live being, a former manager of Area 51 claimed.

    Defence contractor EG&G ran the notorious site and a senior manager there, Alfred O’Donnell, has since claimed: “They did have a flying saucer that had been recovered from New Mexico.”

    In interviews with investigative journalist George Knapp, O’Donnell also claimed a “live being” was recovered.

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    Knapp reported O’Donnell said: “We didn't know what it was…To tell you the truth, we couldn't communicate with it.

    "In the beginning, we didn't know what it was, we didn't know where it was from. And we didn't know what to do with it.”

    But rather than the image of an alien we all think of, O’Donnell said this specimen looked like former US presidential candidate Ross Perot.

    The Liberation Timesreported the story in February and added that a former female employee of defence contractor Holmes and Narver also had a similar experience.

    Knapp said she claimed she knew about: "Crashed saucers, recovered materials, and what sounded like a Roswell-type incident."

    The woman allegedly refuses to have meetings with Knapp over supposed intimidation by unknown agents in the past.

    In 1990 leading politicians encouraged investigations into the claims.

    They were led by congressional staffer Richard D’Amato but he was unable to verify the claims.

    He however felt it was “entirely feasible that this UFO cover-up exists within a private company”.

    His official on-the-record statement was however: “I met with a number of people who had made public statements on the matter.

    “I reported my conclusion to the Senator that the basis for such allegations did not appear to merit any further Senate investigation.

    “Beyond this inquiry on behalf of the Senator, I have no personal opinion on the matter and consider the inquiry to have been closed for over 20 years.”

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