Armed police storm home as man scratched by cat through letterbox

Armed police were deployed a house yesterday – after a delivery man was scratched by a cat through a letterbox.

The man thought his fingers had been cut with a “knife or some glass” and called 999. Police arrived at the address in Bodmin, Cornwall, only to find the culprit to be a rather territorial cat.

Following the incident, police confirmed the man’s injuries were not severe after he was assessed. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary said the delivery man has been “given ’paws’ for thought about the dangers of putting fingers through letterboxes.”

The force shared details on its Facebook page in a pun-heavy post, reports Cornwall Live.

It read: “This afternoon we received an emergency call that a gent who was delivering items had pushed a letter through a door when his fingers had been cut with a knife or some glass, causing a nasty laceration.

“Bodmin units were dispatched immediately to the location, and specialist armed response units were on standby to assist. On arrival the first officers quickly identified the assailant was none other than the resident guard cat being a little territorial!

“Luckily the gent is ‘feline’ fine and been given ’paws’ for thought about the dangers of putting fingers through letter boxes. A purrfect end to this job….”

Writing online, Bodmin residents had little sympathy with the man.

“Why did he have his hand in through the letterbox then? Hasn’t he been told to knock first?” one person wrote.

“Snowflake millennials,” another posted.

A third shared: “Why put your hand all the way through the letterbox? My cats would do the same, so I feel for the cat.”

Others agreed, believing their cats would have done the same thing. 

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