Baffled angler slices open fish and finds unopened bottle of whisky in its belly

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This is the bizarre moment an angler sliced open his catch only to find what seemed to be an unopened bottle of whisky in its belly.

Jason, from Westport Charters based on the West Coast in the US, shared the clip earlier this month and it has since been seen a staggering 5 million times.

The video shows the huge freshly-caught fish lying on a table on a boat.

The fisherman slices it open and his attention is immediately drawn to the stomach.

He cuts that open to reveal what looks to be a full bottle of Fireball whisky .

“Jackpot,” he shouts before lifting the bottle up to the camera and pretending to drink it.

The clip has divided opinion among viewers, with some amazed and others sceptical about whether it is authentic.

“Why have I never caught one of these?” one fellow fisherman laughed.

Another wrote: “I have found gloves and knives but that is just a huge bonus.”

But others there was, literally, something fishy going on with the video.

“They don’t look surprised at all,” one pointed out. “Am sure they put that inside the fish beforehand.”

Another sceptic commented: “A lot of people do this. What they do is they kill the fish and then they just shove whatever they want inside the fish.”

While someone else said it was simply “very good editing”.

Ben, however, responded to the naysayers with his own comment: “This is the only real one.”

It is not the first time anglers have been left gobsmacked by what they have found inside their catch.

Back in 2019, Dylan Mizzi managed to make a profit after finding a banknote in perfect condition.

The keen fisherman, from Melbourne’s Patterson Lakes suburb, posted a picture of his one-in-a-million find to the Facebook page for Sharkmen Fishing Charters saying: “Mind blown. No word of a lie.”

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