Bartender quits job after boss tells him he cannot get drunk on his day off

Everyone has had that dream of being able to quit an awful job in a blaze of glory, and of being able to tell the boss exactly what they think of them. For most people it is just a dream as there is a fear that word will get round to other companies or, worse still, you might end up working with your employer again at a different business.

But one bartender won the internet for the day after sharing his “I’m out of here, I quit” message to his boss. It went viral because people loved his blunt approach.

He shared screenshots of the conversation on Reddit, and many commenters were shocked that the boss had contacted him about work at 3am.

They could not believe the boss’s demands that the bartender never gets drunk, and they loved the man’s incredible replies.

In the first message, which was sent at 2.59am, his boss wrote: “I need you to come in 11am-10pm today, we have an event scheduled and one bartender.”

The man started off with a polite reply and reminded his boss that it was his day off so could not work.

But his boss did not appreciate being reminded of the facts and urged him to “be a team player” and said: “It’s not all about you.”

The man replied with a very reasonable question, asking: “Why are you just now telling me at 3am that you need me to work 11 hours tomorrow?

“I’ve had a few drinks and I don’t feel like coming into work hungover and working for that long on my day off.”

And when his boss wrote back and said: “Getting too drunk is not a good look,” people on Reddit found it absolutely hilarious.

The man replied: “You’re telling the bartender not to drink on his time off? Wanna tell the chefs not to eat off the clock too?” with a laughing emoji.

Still trying to be reasonable with his boss, he pointed out that he might have been able to work the shift if he had been contacted at a reasonable time.

But instead of seeing the truth in this and admitting he had made a mistake his boss doubled down and warned him they would be “talking about this attitude” when he was next in.

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This approach didn’t work at all well for the manager because the man did what a lot of us have dreamed of and quit.

He wrote: “Bartenders are needed all over the place now. I think I’ll just go work at one of the dozens of places hiring around here. I’m fed up with you.”

When his boss told him that he’d regret it, he simply replied: “Eat my a**.”

Daily Mirror reports that the messages went viral after he shared them on Reddit, where one person commented: “He asked and you said no. He has absolutely no right telling you how you should conduct yourself when you’re not at work.”

Another said: “If they want people to stay ready for work they should pay them for that availability.”

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