‘Bigfoot attacks my motorhome when I don’t offer it apples – here’s the proof’

A woman claims Bigfoot attacks her motorhome if she forgets to leave apples out for the beast.

Tonna Carlo, 71, lives next to a "huge wildlife habitat" near Roy, a city in Washington State, US.

Taking to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group, Tonna explained her first encounter with the "apple thief" came as she was unloading a crate of the fruit from her car. She had bought them for her horses.

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The apples were left on the ground as she went into the motorhome with shopping bags. It was then she noticed her dog Jiggy "went nuts and was jumping at the door to get back inside".

Tonna said: "I let her in and turned around only to see this big hairy human-like reddish brown critter, bigger than the bears in these parts, squatting down grabbing apples out of the crate.

"We froze looking at each other as I am old and a bit incontinent, [and] lost my bladder as he dropped the apple in his mouth with a look of 'I'm seen!'."

The supposed Bigfoot then stood upright at roughly 8ft-tall, she said, dropping the apples as it did so. Tonna said she started talking to it like she would her dog: "Good boy, dats a gooood boy. Just eat those apples. It's OK sweety."

She jumped inside the motorhome and peered out the window to see "it was heading to the door". Her phone, she claimed, was charging in her car.

It was then the beast first attacked her home.

Tonna wrote: "Well this big fella placed its big hand against the door window pressing it so hard that it stripped the screws, cracking the plastic trim ring inward until only the bottom edge was connected.

"I kept saying, 'Good boy, go get some apples', but it then went to the back driver side corner of the motorhome. It peeled the bottom corner clear up to the back roof line. The generator broke loose and is on the ground."

Tonna shared images showing what the supposed Bigfoot did to her motorhome. She also shared an image of a footprint the beast left at the scene.

She explained she now leaves apples outside in a bid to "keep the peace" and get the beast to "leave me alone". "[I get the] occasional whack on the wall of my new bigger motorhome if I don't get some apples out," she wrote.

Tonna also said her neighbour Jane "feeds them too". Another friend, DJ, "has them on his 300 acre ranch".

Giving advice to anyone else facing Bigfoot-related problems, she said: "If… you feel threatened just give them space and the courtesy to let things settle.

"Just remember don't threaten them as they seem to sense your intentions."

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