Bigfoot hunter finds ‘thumb bone’ of creature ‘twice as big as a human’s’

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A paranormal author claims to have found fossilised remains of the legendary creature Bigfoot in a creek in Florida.

In the clip, uploaded on his @bigfootanonymous TikTok page, Connor Flynn holds up the bone to the camera and shows it is much larger than his own digits.

Connor, the author of Bigfoot Big Brother, explains: "Alright this is a fossil I found in a local creek here in Marianna Florida it's definitely a hominid thumb bone.

"It belongs to something that would have been much bigger than what I am and for what I know there was no hominid species other than Homo sapiens in Florida at any time. They just didn't evolve here.

"So if anyone is ever wondering why they never found any remains of Bigfoot? Well they did, they just swept under the rug."

Connor, narrating the video with a colleague, also explains that the bone is surprisingly heavy as well as large.

He says: "We're pretty big guys, 6ft2, 6ft3, and this is about twice as big as our thumb bone.

"It's heavy too, very heavy and it's very old."

Some of Connor's followers suggested he get the fossil looked at by a professional but others were more sceptical.

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"That's a toe bone most likely a bear," commented one cynic.

Daily Star contacted a paleontological society and they told us: "Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is rumoured to lurk in the wide expanses of forests in North America with alleged sightings going back decades.

"There has never been any conclusive footage of the mysterious beast but many people still believe it exists."

Oklahoma’s state government has offered a £1,500,000 Bigfoot bounty reward for anyone who can capture the reclusive cryptid.

And an ex-soldier who toured in Afghanistan told Daily Star that Bigfoot might have powers of moving through dimensions and be more than a simple beast of "flesh and blood".

Meanwhile, a British woman claims she was nearly attacked by Bigfoot in Salford in 1982 and says the ape-like animal was at least 7ft tall and 4ft across the chest.

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