Bigfoot ‘killing machine’ could ‘easily kill man’ as expert warns of ‘abduction’

Bigfoot has been branded a "killing machine" by an expert who has warned of "abduction" cases should the legendary beast be provoked.

It is a choice though, as expert Thomas Marcum explained, that Bigfoot does not attack those who come in close contact with it.

Although the Sasquatch could "easily kill a man", it doesn't appear to happen as often as expected, instead Marcum has noted a handful of historical "abductions" that may involve the beast.

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Some attacks have been carried out, but it appears that Bigfoot was provoked by those at the time, with a reported shooting noted by Marcum as an outlier in these encounters.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Marcum said: "Without a doubt a bigfoot could easily kill a man if it wanted to. The size and strength would be unmatched by a human.

"But this would be a very rare event, in my opinion. While the potential is there that bigfoot could do human harm, it doesn't seem to be happening. There are a few historical reports of attacks but most are only after someone shot at a bigfoot."

Although researchers and hikers are reporting more and more encounters with the Sasquatch, Marcum noted that "if Bigfoot was a killing machine they would never make it out."

Of the abductions, the expert pointed to the annals of history for "tales of Bigfoot abducting" women of a Native American tribe.

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One such encounter came from Albert Ostman, a Canadian prospector who Marcum says was "abducted by a Sasquatch and held captive for six days."

Expert Marcum explained: "As Ostman lay asleep one evening a Sasquatch purportedly picked him up and carried him off while he was in his sleeping bag. He found himself in the presence of several Sasquatch.

"He eventually made his escape by getting the Sasquatch to try some of his snuff (tobacco)."

Marcum noted however that more modern cases, while potentially involving Bigfoot, cannot be jumped to as an example of a Bigfoot abduction.

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