Bigfoot lover demands beast gets same protection as other endangered species

A massive Bigfoot fan wants to protect the environment to save the giant beast from extinction.

Cryptozoology researcher and author Andy McGrath believes elusive wild forest-dwellers could die out before we've even discovered them if urbanisation continues at such a rapid pace.

"Could Bigfoot's former geographic dominance have been hampered by the growing industrialisation of the nations in which it once lived," Andy asked.

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He continued: "Or perhaps, were the horrors and carnage of our numerous wars enough to drive it ever further away from man; up onto the unassailable heights and deep within the impenetrable forests, where few humans dare to tread?

"Indeed, many bigfooters might be surprised to find that an even greater assortment of hairy humanoids are to be found in abundance outside of North America, in all of the world’s continents, except Antarctica."

With even the once "impenetrable forests" now seemingly under threat from civilisation, Andy told the Daily Star that a race is very much on to discover new species around the world.

He said: "The search for new species has suddenly become a scientific priority, as biologists intensify their fieldwork to find undiscovered beasts, before they join the long list of now-extinct species.

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To combat such risks of endangering species not even confirmed to be real by scientists, Andy would like to see legislation introduced on the off chance Bigfoot needs a tougher line of defence.

Andy said: "I propose introducing an act in parliament called 'The Unknown Species Act'. I think that its a noble cause that can be shared across the zoological spectrum. of known and unknown fauna and flora.

"I'm largely concerned with 'conservation cryptozoology', and concerned that these species may disappear before we have a chance to discover them and that I'm trying to get the hashtag #dontgoextinct trending."

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The campaign is not exclusively for the likes of Bigfood and dogmen, rather Andy plans to encompass all animals suffering serious habitat loss around the world.

The Beasts of the World: Hairy Humanoids author added: "I'm working with Monster Quest's producer/creator Doug Hajicek to make a TV series searching for these rare and endangered animals."


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