‘Bigfoot’ spotted walking through grass terrifies herd of deer in spooky footage

A herd of deer appeared to be startled after a 'Bigfoot' was spotted walking through long grass in broad daylight.

In the footage, the mother deer stayed stiff alongside her foals in the middle of a small dirt track as a black, ape-like figure walking on two legs appears to cross the field ahead.

Another large deer is then seen quickly fleeing the area in the footage, which has been shared on Instagram and TikTok.

The clip, which was believed to have been initially recorded in 2009 before resurfacing, sent social media users wild in the comment section of @we_bigfoot_believers.

Despite the poor quality of the video, they were convinced the dark-haired creature was a sasquatch.

One user said: "I’ve seen this before it’s actually pretty awesome to watch I find it amazing."

Another wrote: "Look at that thic squatch."

A third added: "Sweet."

However, not everyone is so convinced as one user demanded more information about the clip to decipher whether the creature is human or not.

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They said: "Would love some context. Seems to walk very human-like, though is huge so…"

The news comes after new images from a thermal camera appeared to show a "real Bigfoot" walking through some woods.

The footage, from the latest episode of American TV series Expedition Bigfoot, saw a team of researchers capture the heat signal of a bipedal being in a forest in the state of Washington.

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Anthropologist Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord feature on the show as they investigate historical sightings in search of the mythical beast.

The clip was shared to Reddit forum r/Bigfoot where enthusiasts were certain that it proves once and for all that Sasquatches exist.

Several military patrol drones were used to capture the footage, linked to tracking sensors set up to only record the movements of anything weighing more than 300lbs (136kg).

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