Bloke admits ‘UFO’ spotted by baffled locals was just his 50th birthday balloons

A man has ended theories of a UFO soaring over a UK street by admitting the unnerving image was just two of his birthday balloons escaped his party.

As neighbours offered their own ideas online as to what they saw mysteriously floating up above them on Sunday (July 10) evening, Tim Bell owned up to being responsible.

Tim, who has jokingly dubbed himself an 'alien', put a stop to reports of extra-terrestrial activity which BristolLive earlier described as appearing to be a shimmering silver colour.

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The website has since revealed that what looked to be generating light and caused people to stop in their tracks to take a snap, was in fact just reflecting the sun on a bright sunny day.

Following his 50th birthday celebrations on Friday (July 8), Tim from St George, Bristol explained that he lost both of his helium-filled decorations during his garden party at around 4pm on Sunday.

The balloon, which was in the shape of a number five, had been part of a set of two (the other being a '0' to make up '50'), given to Tim by his cousin.

Tim said that the balloons even had a label on them, which read: "Happy 50th Tim, from Jonathan". He explained: "The alien UFO was my 50th balloon – I had a '5' and a '0' in my garden party yesterday that blew away.

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"So I guess I'm the alien you're looking for – the alien is from St George!"

People had reportedly flocked to take photos of the silver object in the sky as it flew above North Filton at around 6pm yesterday evening. The resident who took the photos, David Leahy, said: "I was about to get a Chinese carryout when I spotted it.

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"A few people were taking pictures when they saw me taking some. It's probably just a weather balloon, but you never know!

"It was ascending slowly I think – no sudden movements, so probably not ET!"

Not buying the explanation, one BristolLive reader joked: "This guy is clearly a government plant from leads trying to hide the truth."


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