Bloke arrested after trying to buy human remains on Facebook Marketplace

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A strange bloke has been arrested after he was caught buying and selling human remains online.

His choice of sales platform was the very public Facebook Marketplace.

And he was caught by police when they posed as sellers on the site.

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Jeremy Pauley, 40, who called himself a “collector of oddities” had purchased two human brains, skin, a heart, kidney, spleen, human fat, a skull with hair, two livers, six pieces of skin, a trachea, a child's mouth with teeth . . and two lungs.

He also claimed that have three entire skeletons and 15 to 20 human skills.

According to the police in Cumberland County, United States, the items were “very old” but came from legitimate sources.

Cumberland County District Attorney Seán McCormack said: “I have seen a lot of strange and unusual stuff over the years.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a case like this comes by.”

Police were first alerted to the man after someone found five massive buckets filled with human organs and skin in a basement.

A joint investigation from East Pennsboro Police Detectives, Cumberland County Forensics, and the Cumberland County Coroners’ office searched the place and did indeed find the human remains.

It turned out that the bloke was using Facebook Messenger and Marketplace to buy the items from a woman in Arkansas, and had spent around £3,500 on the stuff.

The FBI Arkansas and Arkansas State Police tracked the woman down, and it turns out that she had been stealing the parts from a mortuary where she worked.

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Pauley was arrested but released on a £45,000 bail.

He was charged with dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, felony receiving stolen property, misdemeanor receiving stolen property, and misdemeanor abuse of a corpse.

No word on what happened to the other woman has been released.

A spokesman for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences said: “Human bodies are an indispensable aid in the education of medical students, nurses and other health professions students. UAMS is extremely respectful of our donors when they are here in our care.

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“We have a contract with Arkansas Central Mortuary Services to take the bodies for cremation after they are no longer being used by our students.

“An employee of the mortuary service is under investigation by federal authorities for stealing some human remains from the mortuary that were donated to UAMS.

“We are saddened and appalled that this happened.”

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