Bloke cuts off todger and flushes it down loo after ‘hearing voices in his head’

A man cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet after he started "hearing voices in his head".

The unnamed 52-year-old took a kitchen knife to his todger and subsequently sent it down the loo, with the gory details documented in a recent medical journal.

Surgeons in India have since told of the gruesome after effects of the man slicing off his member, with a stump all that remained for the bloke.

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Said individual had stopped taking medication for a schizophrenia diagnosis, sliced off his penis and then did not turn up to hospital until 16 hours after the amputation.

Medical professionals say the bloke had "no suicidal intention" but the voices in his head had "told him to cut his penis" off, with Pune-based medics treating him almost a day later.

They believe the man heard voices in his head which "told him to cut his penis or otherwise face dire consequences".

Medics rushed the bloke into surgery to clean the wound and gave the 52-year-old general anaesthetic as a way of knocking him unconscious so they could operate.

Seven days later and the unnamed man was discharged, with checks 20 days after the operation showing the "sump was healing well".

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Despite the horror injury, the man has been able to pass urine successfully following what a medical journal described as a Klingsor syndrome experience.

The Open Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports defined the condition and experience of the man as a "rare form of physical self-harm that stems from psychological anomalies."

It added: "It presents not only as a surgical emergency but also has the potential to worsen the patient’s psychological distress and self-care challenges."

Doctors did not reveal how much blood the man lost nor how they stopped it, although reattachment surgeries in the case of severed penises are possible if the member is not contaminated or mangled.

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