Bloke goes on beer-only diet for Lent despite doctor telling him he’s an ‘idiot’

A man in the US has gone on an all-beer diet for Lent despite doctor's advice that the challenge could seriously harm his health.

Del Hall, the co-owner of Ohio's 16 Lots Brewing Company, is planning to survive on nothing but foaming pints of ale for 40 days.

it will be the fourth year running that Del has attempted the bizarre – and you might think dangerous – stunt.

Instead of giving up beer for Lent in 2019, he decided to give up everything but beer, relying on the calories alcohol to see him through.

“I’ve definitely been drinking more stouts than I normally do…but also a variety of stouts, not just one,” he says.

Surprisingly, he says he “felt great,” on his beer diet, and even lost weight over the 40 days.

After that he decided to make it an annual tradition, and to make the boozy stunt a little bit more worthwhile since 2020, he has been using his unusual fast to raise money for adults with special needs.

Del’s fundraising page for Lent 2020 reveals that he lost over three stone raised around £7,600 ($10,000) for charity over the 40 days.

This year, he’s raising money for the Ken Anderson Alliance, a Cincinnati-based charity that helps adults with disabilities.

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Del consulted a doctor before embarking on his all-beer diet and she had some fairly harsh words for him.

"She said, 'You're an idiot if you do this,' but she knows how strong-willed I am," Del told The National Desk. "Once she knew I was determined to see this through, she recommended I take multi-vitamins, stay hydrated, and she told me not to do anything stupid."

This year Del’s beer fast kicked off on Wednesday, March 2 and will run throughout Lent. He’ll be back on solids on April 17th for Easter.

Speaking to craft beer website The Gnarly Gnome, Del said that living exclusively on beer “isn’t that hard” once you get over the initial hunger pangs.

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