Bloke had two-day erection after bite from one of world’s most venomous spiders

A man who was bitten by one of the most venomous spiders on the planet revealed it gave him a two-day erection.

Ronald, from Peru, opened up about the traumatising experience while speaking to American biologist Clint Laidlaw on YouTube.

The electrician was at a country house on a job when he came across a Brazilian wandering spider, known in Peru as "the banana tree spider". Bites from the horrifying arachnids can be fatal.

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Their bites lead to extraordinary pain, increased blood pressure, a racing respiratory rate, blurred vision and convulsions – as well as long-lasting erections.

The spider's venom has even been studied for use in erectile dysfunction treatment, with some suggesting it could be far more powerful than Viagra.

Ronald explained he was screwing a light bulb when he was bitten, too focused on the job to notice the spider nearby.

He explained: "I felt two pinching sensations on my middle fingertip. One on either side. I immediately felt quite a bit of pain, and the other guys working with me started laughing because they thought I was just joking.

"The moment I pulled my hand back, the spider was still very much clasped onto my finger.

"When I shook it off of me and it fell on the floor, that's when we all realised it was an extremely venomous spider."

Ronald said the symptoms kicked in almost immediately, and that after 20 minutes his hand was swollen massively. The veins up his arms became more visible and he started having cold sweats, his heart pounding out of his chest.

Slowly, as he grew weaker and weaker, he lost the ability to walk. He was soon rushed to a nearby hospital before being transferred to another.

And then there was his downstairs problem.

He explained: "I also began feeling the erection side-effect.

"It just stayed that way for two full days. Only by the third day it started going back to normal.

"Doctors then prescribed me with a five-day treatment with vaccines, pills, you name it.

"Luckily it all went away, but my arm was still numb the entire following week and I couldn't move my finger for a full month.

"Everything was so unbearably painful, that's why I always tell people now to be extremely careful with these spiders."

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