Bloke who claims to be in touch with aliens says balloons nothing to do with ET

The international balloon panic – which has seen unidentified flying objects shot down over the US, Canada and (reportedly) China – has left many people worrying about a potential alien invasion.

But one person who isn’t worried is alien mystic Daniel Scranton.

Daniel says he has been “verbally channeling higher-dimensional beings and collectives since 2010”. One of the groups receives messages from is the “Arcturian Council”.

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Daniel says that the Council, a group of trans-dimensional beings from another plane of existence, have told him that the US Air Force hasn’t shot down any alien spacecraft.

The octagonal object hovering over Michigan’s Lake Huron that was shot down by a USAF F-16 was definitely not an alien spacecraft, the extraterrestrials told Daniel.

In fact, the USAF nearly didn’t shoot down anything at all. The first of the two $400,000 Sidewinder missiles fired at the mystery craft failed to connect with its target, and a second missile had to be fired to take the strange object down.

That first miss led some UFO-watchers to speculate that whatever the object was had been equipped with some advanced defensive technology that enabled it to avoid or disable the state-of-the-art air to air missile.

When General Glen VanHerck, who oversees North American air space for the USAF, was asked if the military had ruled out the possibility that the “balloons” could be extra-terrestrial he replied that he hadn’t “ruled out anything.”

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But Daniel claims he has the answer. Speaking through the US-based sound healer, the Arcturian Council told us: “We are very aware of the so-called UFOs that have been shot down in various locations across North America, and we are also aware of the wild speculation that has gone on within the new age community about what these objects really were.

“Now, we want you to all understand that your skies are filled with spaceships from all across the galaxy and from other dimensions, and we also want you all to rest assured that no one has shot down a spaceship. Something being a UFO does not make it a spaceship.”

The council stressed that all of the objects that were destroyed were “human made craft”.

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However, they added, the entire balloon panic was part of a wider scheme to slowly disclose the truth about extraterrestrial visitors. “You are being readied for that experience,” they said.

Nigel Watson author of UFOs of the First World War: Phantom Airships, Balloons, Aircraft and Other Mysterious Aerial Phenomena, told the Daily Star: "It is helpful that even the aliens say this current crop of sightings are human-made objects!

"Many Ufologists and commenters agree,and some think this is a good wake up call for better use of detecting, tracking and dealing with enemy or suspect terrestrial UAPs.

"In a similar fashion, when Winston Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty in 1912 he made use of sightings of a phantom airship over Sheerness to instigate tighter Aerial Navigation laws and to prepare our aerial defences against potential aerial threats".


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