Bloke who spent £12.5k to become a ‘dog’ takes on Crufts-style agility course

A man who spent £12,500 on an elaborate border-collie costume to “live his life as a giant dog” has had the internet in stitches after unsuccessfully taking on a Crufts-style agility course.

The man from Japan, who goes by the name Toco on YouTube, has garnered a large following on social media and regularly posts clips that show him going for dog walks, "eating" dog food and learning tricks.

Toco’s latest escapade involves the canine enthusiast trying to unashamedly leap over a set of hurdles in a garden, in a post with the caption: “When you become a dog, you want to try agility, don't you?”. The reaction from his fans was mixed.

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One giggling follower wrote on Instagram: “He tried his best, that's what matters.” Many comments accused the man behind Toco of being a “therian” – a term that Urban Dictionary defines as “someone who identifies as a non human earthen animal either spiritually or psychologically”.

An Instagram user with the handle “milo_that_one_therian” said: “I think he might be a Therian- a strange one but a Therian none the less”. Others agreed: “Bro’s a real therian”.

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Some people were less amused. “Get therapy,” wrote one particularly concerned user on Instagram. Someone else chimed: “Ok but you are not a dog, u are a old man with a BIG mental problem".

Is the man behind Toco merely living his best life, setting an example for other people who struggle with the daily stream of troubling world affairs? Or, is he indeed a troubled soul, who might be just be acting out after a failed vet job application? Jury's out on that one.

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Regardless, Toco’s popularity seems to be growing. A video shared to his Twitter account recently (September 30) showed him playing a video game – as a dog. It has been watched nearly 113K times so far.

In the 25-second video, Toco uses the Nintendo Switch RingFit Adventure. Using his front paws to squeeze the band, he also has sensors on his back paws.

The video ends with a seemingly exhausted ‘dog’ flopping onto the floor. Many fans who follow the man's canine life took to the comments to share either thoughts – and not all realised it wasn’t a real collie.

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