Bloke wins Guinness World Record with monster moustache size of 4-month-old baby

A bloke has broken the Guinness World Record for the world's longest moustache on a living person – measuring in at a whopping two feet and one inch.

Paul Slosar of Summerville, South Carolina, now holds the esteemed title after he had the length of his mustache verified at the National Beard and Mustache Championships in Casper, Wyoming in November last year.

The measurement of his lengthy 'English-style' facial hair was then submitted to Guinness World Records for official verification.

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Officials at the facial hair championships describe an English-style tash as: "Slender, beginning from the middle of the upper lip with the hairs extremely long and pulled to the side. Tips may be lifted slightly."

Guinness World Records shared on their site that the tash is "about the same length as a four-month-old baby".

The site added that Paul has been perfecting his facial hair for the last three decades.

“As the story goes…I used to keep my moustache short. One day after I trimmed the moustache, I went to kiss my wife and she pushed me away and complained,” said Paul.

“She stated, ‘Don’t kiss me after you have trimmed your moustache because it’s just like kissing a wire brush!’ So, from that day on I just let it go.”

He was curious to see how far it would grow, and at a local motorcycle event in Tacoma, Washington, a person told him he should compete in a facial hair competition.

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“At the county fair, there was a moustache category along with a few beard categories,” said Paul.

“There were six contestants in the moustache category, and I happened to take first place.”

Paul then thought he was done and could leave.

“Then I was told that there was a Best of Show award and that I had to stay for that,” he said. He, of course, won that too.

He then went on to get a costume and compete in the world championships in the English Moustache Category.

Paul said he refuses to work an engine that is running, and that he must be aware of battery terminals and paper shredders.

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