Bloke’s furious Facebook rant about ‘little girl who threw adult potato at him’

A bloke has left members of a Facebook group in stitches after he posted a now-viral rant complaining of a girl who threw an "adult potato" at him.

The starchy missile was launched at the head of Terry Rolyneux, who took to the Connahs Quay Group and raged against the injustice.

He claims that a "little girl" threw a "fully grown adult potato" at his head, and his response to the strange incident has left other members of the group delighted at his bizarre encounter.

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Rolyneux, who declared the town had "taken a turn for the worse," wrote furiously of his root vegetable misery.

His bizarre rant caused quite the stir in the Welsh town Facebook group with the "proud family man" and "Lexus owner" storming in with a fuming tirade.

Rolyneux wrote: "To the little girl that threw a fully grown adult potato at my head this evening, I hope you are happy with yourself.

"I hope you had a good laugh when the potato bounced off my car and hit me again.

"I am a proud family man, CQ library member of 30+ years and Lexus owner – and don't deserve vegetables flying at my head and car.

"This town has taken a turn for the worse lately."

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Commenters responded with little sympathy for the spud-fearing resident, with one user writing: "We can all appreciate the simple childhood pleasure of hurling a potato at a Lexus owner".

Another pun-loving local wrote: "I know the person in the car was only a spec-tater but they may have seen the incident. You should a-peel for information."

A third joked: "Shocking behaviour you could have been decap- potated".

Hundreds more potato-puns were left, and little sympathy was found for poor Rolyneux, whose post was littered with photos of Toy Story's Mr. Potato Head and suggestions that he "keep his eyes peeled next time".


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