Bloke’s ‘mind blown’ after spotting UFO following plane in British countryside

A Brit had his "mind blown" after spotting something unusual in the sky – for the second time.

The bloke, who has not been named, caught sight of an unidentified spherical flying object trailing a plane in the sky above the Gloucestershire countryside, twice.

The 52-year-old warehouse manager spotted the extraordinary sight most recently from his garden in Staunton while off work with Covid, reports Gloucestershire Live.

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The man approached the publication in the hope that others might have the answers that he has endeavoured to find, but so far has been unsuccessful.

The man claims that in March 2022 he saw a large plane being followed by a silver sphere, which he described as a "bizarre experience".

He said: "I was off work with Covid but I wasn’t too ill. So I was doing some chores at home. I went into the garden and was putting the laundry on the washing line.

"I then heard a large plane, airliner size flying really low behind the trees to the west and felt the air vibrating in my chest. The same vibration you’d get from a helicopter.

"I looked up and this plane, 737-size was banking tight right and behind it was a silver sphere. Probably 10-20 ft diameter I guess.

"The sphere was following the plane right behind its tail. Then the plane turned right left and the sphere broke off and flew right, disappearing into the clouds."

He said he stood there open-mouthed for a few minutes trying to assess what he'd seen. He described the jet as white with a yellow tail fin.

"We never have low flying aircraft over our house. Never in the 23 years I’ve been there," he said. This plane looked like it was making evasive manoeuvres. This was not a normal flight plan. I have tried to find more info via the UK FAA without success. It blew my mind."

The chap added that this wasn't his first time seeing the bizarre phenomena, as he saw the same thing at his work the year before.

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