‘Brave’ cat spotted hanging around UK zoo could ‘become a snack’ for predators

A brave cat is dicing with death at a UK zoo where staff fear one wrong move and it will 'end up as a snack'.

The domestic feline has been showing off its freedom at Dudley Zoo where it's been prowling past animal enclosures, sparking a search for its owner, BirminghamLive reports.

Attempts to catch the moggy to scan it for a microchip have so far failed as one zoo keeper admits, the cat 'won't let them anywhere near it'. A picture of the courageous visitor was shared on the zoo's social media pages with a post asking: "We need your help! Do you live near the zoo and could this be your cat?"

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The post also said: "We think it's owned as it's wearing a collar, but it keeps getting into animal enclosures and won't let keepers anywhere near it to be able to catch it and scan it for a microchip. If you recognise our feline friend, please call our office on 01384 215313."

One commenter joked it was the "Dudley panther", while others called it "brave". Another said: "Hope the mystery gets solved. We saw him or her last week by the spider monkeys enclosure, made us jump."

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"If you don't catch it, those nine lives are going to run out quick," a Facebook user warned. Another added: "Hopefully you can catch it before it gets in trouble, may end up as a snack."

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