Brit left ‘shaking’ after seeing UFO ‘bigger than two planes’ hovering over home

A woman is convinced she has captured a flashing UFO hovering above her home in Cheshire.

Romanie Smith was standing in her garden in the village of Great Sutton when she spotted the mysterious lights in the sky on Monday night (March 29).

She quickly whipped out her phone to record the strange sight, which she said hovered in the sky for more than 40 minutes.

The footage shows an orb-like object flashing different colours including orange, green, red and blue.

Romanie told Cheshire Live that a “dark shadowy shape of object” was visible every so often as if it had “tilted on its side”.

“At one point it tilted and that’s when I noticed a second light, not as big, much smaller and the lights from the big one almost outlined them both,” she added.

“I watched the shadows get closer and closer until the smaller one disappeared into the main one, and then it really lit up.

“That’s when I could see lights coming off it, showing almost lines or like it was absorbing light into it or off of it.”

It was at this point that Romanie started to “freak out” and could feel herself shaking.

She said she kept willing it to move or “just shoot off and vanish” to prove that she wasn’t seeing things.

Romanie wasn’t able to explain the sighting, although admitted a light flare could be a possibility.

But she ruled out a plane being the cause as it “didn’t move like one”.

“A drone would be too small for me to see at that distance whatever it was must have been huge, I saw two planes while I was watching and they were small in comparison with just the normal plane lights,” she added.

“You can see this didn’t move like anything I’ve ever seen. So to me, I believe it only points to it being a UFO.”

And it is not the first time Romanie has spotted what she has believed to be UFOs in the sky.

Six years ago, she saw lights “pulsating in and out of a pattern” the size of “two football pitches” in Cheshire.

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