Bungling robber wearing cardboard box disguise makes critical mistake

Criminals will traditionally wear some sort of disguise when they’re carrying out a robbery to avoid identification. Balaclavas are very popular, or a stocking mask for that classic ‘“Seventies Villain” look.

But one hapless crook in hadn’t really planned ahead proper, and improvised with a cardboard box when he robbed a phone repair shop in South Florida in the early hours of Saturday morning (June 3).

Because of where the CCTV cameras were placed, the clueless robber’s unconventional disguise might still have worked – if he hadn’t taken it off half-way through the caper in order to get a better look at his loot.

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Jeremias Berganza, owner of Irepair Tech in Miami Gardens, told NBC6 that the robbery took place at around 4am on Saturday.

After seeing that his store had been broken into, Jeremias checked the CCTV footage and saw the bizarrely-disguised miscreant smashing glass display cabinets and taking out the phones.

Jeremias says the thief took 19 iPhones and $8,000 in cash – the entire loss came to about $15,000 (£12,000).

But at one point the robber can be seen on the security footage lifting the box so he can get a better look at what he’s stolen.

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Jeremias made inquiries locally, to see if anyone knew the suspect, and was told that the man had been seen drinking with friends at a nearby liquor store and bar.

The irate shopkeeper called the Miami Gardens Police Department to tell them what he had discovered and the man was later arrested.

Mercifully, the authorities have not yet released the name of the bungling burglar, or any additional information on the incident.

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