Caged woman livestreams herself barking and ‘squirting urine’ in 24-hour protest

A woman has streamed herself over a 24-hour period locked inside of a dog cage while she squirted a urine-like concoction and played barking sound effects.

Anne-Marie Barton, 44, did so in an attempt to educate people on animal testing, and to do that, she sprayed vinegar everywhere to replicate the stench of urine.

Reacting with the hay inside of the cage, the vinegar sprayed by the 44-year-old was made in an attempt to replicate the experiences of animals bred in a laboratory and used for testing.

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Her 24-hour stream saw Barton sit inside the cage, which was placed in her emptied office.

The windowless office was home to Barton for the entire livestream, where she played a loop of dogs barking through her headphones and slept for a whole 20 minutes.

Barton did allow herself to leave the cage for a short toilet break, but got right back into the fold and continued to spray vinegar everywhere to replicate the stench of urine.

Partner Luke Cottrell, 34, was on hand to serve up a meal during her experience, with the dog lover saying she wanted to help educate people of "the cruelty" of animal testing.

Speaking of her protest, Barton said: "I wanted to experience what dogs and animals experience in these laboratories as much as possible.

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"The smell of the vinegar – which was meant to replicate urine – was eye-watering and the barking made me feel like there were dogs around me that were in distress and that I was next.

"I'd get a lump on my throat. It was a really lonely experience and I hardly slept, and I just ended up focusing on the hay.

"I just want to make a difference to help something improve for these animals. Hearing about the treatment of dogs and how lonely they must be was horrendous.

"I decided to try and experience what they must go through for myself. I think animals also experience trauma and depression like humans. I urge people to go cruelty free."

Following her protest, Barton had managed to raise £2,400 for XCellR8, an animal-free biotechnology company, The Mirror reported.

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