Calendar of giant cat attacks released by army to promote ‘engineering success’

A bizarre calendar of giant cats attacking building has been released by the Army to promote 'engineering success'.

Stuck for somewhere to jot down that vets appointment to get Tiddles his booster jabs? Well look no further, the giant cat calendar has arrived – and it's free!

Engineering might sound like a boring subject, but this US government agency got creative in imagining the purr-fect way to engage everyone in their accomplishments.

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The giant cats have been superimposed into photos of the US Army Corps of Engineers' successes, often engaging in the subject matter, sometimes even attacking it.

Each month showcases cats lying on dams, stretching on steel beams, and dominating huge construction vehicles, all with humorous captions.

Further feline fun shows cats using cranes as dangle toys, one is even captured having a bite of a dam with the caption: “Detroit Dam is not only fun to chew on but also a pretty important flood risk management project.”

The Portland District of the Corps needed an eye-catching way of showing off their civil works programs across Oregon and southwestern Washington, and achieved it with some hilarious results.

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The best news is that because the Corps is a federal government agency, their calendar is in the public domain—and you can therefore download their PDF file and print it yourself for free.

It can be downloaded here. If anything it's worth doing just to see larger than usual cats just being cats, regardless of their surroundings and size of the objects they are attacking.


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