Can YOU tell if ChatGPT or a human wrote these?

EXCLUSIVE: Spot the robot: 100 MILLION people now use ChatGPT to write for them. We gave out six identical briefs to the AI-powered bot and a copywriter – with startling results

  •  ChatGPT is a large language model that is trained on a huge amount of text data
  •  This allows it to generate eerily human-like text in response to a given prompt

AI bot ChatGPT has fascinated more than 100 million users around the world – as well as sparking controversy about its ability to take human jobs. 

But can it actually outperform human writers? 

We gave six identical briefs to an experienced copywriter and ChatGPT. Among them were: telling a joke, explaining the synopsis of a movie and writing a short bio about a famous person.

Prompt 1: Write a 50-word summary of the film Avatar 2

Can you tell which of these have the human touch? (Supplied) 

Prompt 2:  Write a joke about lettuce 

Which one of these is the work of a human? (Supplied) 

Prompt 3: Write a 50-word biography for James Corden

Which one of these was written by human hand? (Supplied) 

Prompt 4: Write 200 words about how to be happy 

(A) Guide to how to be happy – but is it a human or a machine writing here? (Supplied) 

(B) Did a human write this, or a machine? (Supplied) 

Prompt 5: Write 200 words on how to be more cyber secure

(A) Did a person write this, or has it been generated by AI? (Supplied) 

(B) Has this copy got the human touch, or was it written by a machine? (Supplied) 

Prompt 6: Describe how to make a summer salad

(A) The writer discovered this salad while in Greece – but is the writer human or AI? (Supplied) 

(B) Is this a human response to a salad, or an AI-generated one? (Supplied) 

Which of the above were ChatGPT? In order, the answers were: top, bottom, top, and then A, A, A. Did you get them right? 

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