Chilling moment ‘demon’ appears behind tree as woman walks through park

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Chilling footage has captured a sinister figure lurking behind a tree in the woods as a woman walks past.

Elin Mellbergstedt, from Gothenburg, Sweden, was taking a video of her shortcut through a park to the nearest bus stop when the incident happened.

It was not until her friend spotted something creepy in the video on her Instagram Story that Elin started to worry.

In the clip, she has her torch turned on as she walks through the wooded area of the park in Stavhopparegatan.

Elin films the trees around her and at one point, what looks like hooded figure with a white creepy "face" emerges from behind a tree.

Directly below it, a black shadow seems to also emerge with two beaming "eyes".

The video has since been shared by one of her followers to Reddit and many viewers were left spooked by what was caught on camera.

One asked: "Demonic-looking thing peeking out behind the tree?"

Another said: "It's the nose for me… it looks like a human as freaky as that is to say."

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But others believed that the object could be a raccoon or a squirrel.

One said: "The weird thing I'm seeing is the head on the right pops out but if you look there is a larger black hood looking thing behind the head that blocks out the trees in the background.

"I’d say it’s a raccoon or something but that weird black thing behind the head is really bizarre."

A second added: "It's clearly some kind of animal, you can see its ears lol. Probably a raccoon."

After her video went viral, Elin shared her own thoughts in an updated post.

"I am thinking it’s an owl because I don’t believe in the paranormal," she said. This is a short cut through a park, the walk takes three mins to go through. Not like it’s a huge forest.

"I was the one who filmed this in the park and there are houses surrounding it so it could be a person but it kinda freaks me out that he didn’t say hi like a normal person.

Elin revisited the park the next day and filmed the tree but she couldn't find anything creepy or animal burrows nearby.

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