China in terrifying warning as it develops new hypersonic weapon tech while US distracted

Biden pushing Russia 'into arms of China' with failure to rein in Putin

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Chinese scientists have revealed new technology that could revolutionise how its hypersonic weapons operate. Researchers say the development could even allow China’s hypersonic weapons to use “6G” communication. The move could reportedly lead to a “critical improvement in China’s near-space defence”. The technology has been tipped to resolve blackout issues that these weapons sometimes run into.

This happens as it is usually difficult to keep tabs on vehicles and weapons that travel at around five times the speed of sound, and sometimes faster.

When they travel at these stunning speeds, scientists say friction between their surface and the surrounding air creates a plasma sheath.

A plasma sheath is a hot layer of gas around the vehicle or weapon, and it can cause blackouts that last up to 10 minutes.

This phenomenon has been dubbed the “black barrier”.

But now, a laser device that could generate a limitless beam of electromagnetic waves in what is called the terahertz band, might let China’s weapons evade that barrier.

In fact, the waves in that band might even be able to burst through the “black barrier” at 10 times the speed of sound or even faster, according to the researchers.

They added that this would be as though “the black barrier does not exist”.

The scientists wrote a paper on their findings in the Journal of National University of Defence Technology

They also found that this technology might even allow China’s hypersonic weapons to use 6G technology.

And this may spark panic for China’s rivals.

While 6G has not yet been rolled out, it has been tipped to revolutionise communications.

6G might sound like nothing more than a pleasant boost to internet speeds, but it could potentially make China a more dangerous threat.

“G” communications systems get updated around every decade and each new development represents a significant evolution in the world of communications.

If its weapons use this technology, it could improve things such as automated driving and in-flight connectivity.

The scientists wrote in the research paper: “The simulation and experimental results preliminarily prove the potential of terahertz technology for hypersonic vehicle detection, which is of great significance for national defence”.

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And this comes at a time when China looks poised to spark conflict with Taiwan.

While Taiwan views itself as an independent state, China disputes this claim and believes the country is a breakaway province.

Back in October, China reportedly sent in a record number of its military planes into Taiwan’s air defence zone for four days in a row.

This sent fears are soaring that Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the whole South China Sea, may launch an attack.

President Joe Biden said the US has a “commitment” to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack.

And Taiwan’s presidential spokesperson Xavier Cheng has said the country appreciates the US’ “rock-solid” support.

In fact, Mr Biden approved a $750million (£541million) arms deal for Taipei last summer.

But now, Washington might be a tad distracted.

That is because it is busy trying to fend of a Russian invasion of Ukraine after reports 100,000 Russian troops piled up at the Russia-Ukraine border.

Mr Biden has responded by putting 8,500 troops on “high alert”, and he is reportedly ready to deploy 50,000 troops.

The US President also warned Moscow there would be “severe consequences” should Russia launch an attack.

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