Conspiracy theorist believes shark’s swim patterns prove Bermuda Triangle exists

A conspiracy theorist has facinated TikTok fans as they have used a shark tracking app to show how they avoid crossing the boundary of the Bermuda Triangle.

The legendary area off the coast of Florida, which is also known as the Devil's Triangle, is famous for the mysterious disappearances of a number of aircraft and ships.

But the TikTok user, known as 'Friendly Neighborhood Dogdude' or @fndogdude, believes sea life also avoids the mysterious area after viewing the routes sharks swim along the coastline.

In the video, which has received over 362,400 likes, the conspiracy theorist explains: "Let's talk about the Bermuda triangle real quick. It's right next to Florida. I didn't know that, but there it is.

"I have an app that tracks sharks it's called shark tracker. Just look at this fish shark. Notice the swim patterns. It thinks about coming into the dark blue right here, and then says nevermind."

The bloke goes on to analyse the movement of other sharks that are being tracked by the app, showing how they avoid the area, which is believed to be the Bermuda Triangle.

He added: "So what is different about this shark that still did not swim down into the triangle? Maybe a little bit, but nothing crazy in comparison to the rest of these sharks.

"What if Breton gets chased by megalodons around the Bermuda Triangle for fun?"

Many TikTok users were convinced that the sharks were avoiding something in the water and that the theory was plausible.

One user wrote: "Bro I swear to god I just watched another guy say the same thing."

A second added: "Remind me to never go to Florida beaches."

A third quipped: "Breton makes the rules in Bermuda Triangle."

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However, others weren't so convinced as one user commented: "They don't go over the deep blue because there's no food over there."

Another said: "You aren’t giving all the information, that’s a great white known to have large migration patterns, the rest are tiger sharks that don’t migrate."

A third wrote: "So many people here attributing to the paranormal what can easily be explained by 'where the food is' smh."

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