Controversial singer who performed sex act on stage puts mic in outrageous place

The controversial Brazilian singer who was filmed letting a fan perform oral sex on her on stage is continuing her raunchy antics despite having shows cancelled.

MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, has been no stranger to headlines in recent months.

As well as on-stage sex acts, she was filmed allowing cats to suck her nipples and entered the cockpit of a plane to flash the pilot.

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Recently it was revealed "social media pressure" led to one of her shows being cancelled. Previously, Brazilian politicians called for minors to be banned from attending them.

Footage from a show on Wednesday (July 12) where she performed alongside fellow Brazilian singer PK Delas shows that MC Pipokinha has no plans to make her performances any less racy.

She was seen twerking and flashing her bare bum to the audience. In explicit images seen from the gig, she was then seen placing the microphone between her cheeks.

She was also grinding on PK Delas, who appeared to be enjoying himself, before the pair mimicked having sex on stage.

MC Pipokinha and PK Delas were performing together to promote their new tune Vou Botar pra Descer (I'll Put It Down). According to Contigo, the pair are dating.

It comes after she sparked controversy when meeting two young girls while on tour in Europe last month.

Some people online slammed the meeting as wildly inappropriate given that she had just released a new song titled Penis na Vagina (Penis in Vagina).

Lyrics from the tune include: "Gustavo Da Vs asked what I wanted. I said penis in vagina. Penis in vagina."

Reacting to the meeting between MC Pipokinha and the children, one person tweeted: "I can't believe there are parents who let their young children listen to Mc Pipokinha… The lyrics are VERY heavy."

Another said: "I keep imagining the parents taking them to the concert… what's on their minds???"

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