Cop found severed head in lair of cannibal killer planning to feed lover to kids

An Australian cop has recalled the moment he found a man's decapitated, skinned body on the floor, with his head stewing in a pot on the stove and his deranged, cannibal lover unconscious in the bedroom.

On February 29, 2000, Katherine Knight stabbed her lover, John Price a minimum of 37 times at their home before she used the skills she had acquired as a slaughter-house worker to skin him, butcher him, hang his flesh up on a meat hook, and then cook him with gravy and vegetables.

It's believed the mum-of-four intended to serve her lover up to his children and that she ate a piece of him before going to the bank to take out some of his money before returning home where she took an overdose but survived.

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New South Wales policeman Robert Wells was the first senior officer at the gruesome scene, and told The Sun he still suffers PTSD from witnessing the horror, which he says will "never leave him".

He told the paper: "There was a lot of blood in the hallway, which started high and then ended up low because obviously she stabbed him and she then chased him down the hallway, stabbing him.

"He actually gets to the front door and gets the front door just open. But by that stage, he's that wounded from being stabbed that he's just collapses and is dying."

When Robert arrived he saw plates on the dining table lined up with food on them, with the names of John's children written on tape next to them.

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The retired copper also saw John's body on the floor with the head and skin missing.

He said: "I saw his complete pelt, what you'd call skin, complete in one piece with a butcher's hook through the top of his scalp and through the hair and hanging, hooked over the architraves of a doorway from the dining area into the lounge room.

"He was hanging down.

"Then we had just a quick observation of the hall and the blood and then went over to the stove in the kitchen bench where there was some meals made up with some meat and vegetables.

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"We then had a look at the lid and took it off the big boiler pot where [John's] head was."

For her heinous crime, Katherine was sentenced to life in prison, never to be released. Despite spending the rest of her life behind bars, Katherine says she's innocent.

Robert said: "I think she was someone who was in denial but she was a very, very strong person within herself. She's a hard, hard woman. She was smart enough to know what was going on.

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"You know when you catch someone's eye, you know they're lying to you. You just catch that look – you don't get it all the time, but you just catch it momentarily and you say, she knows what's going on."


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