Couple’s missing engagement ring found stuck in U-bend of toilet 21 years later

A couple have found their "missing" engagement ring over two decades after first losing it, in the u-bend of their toilet.

Shaina Day of Florida, United States, had first expected some more nefarious reasonings for her wedding ring being missing for 21 years.

But it appears that a decision to replace the toilet bowl it was first assumed to have been lost in has uncovered the diamond, with mother-in-law Renee finding the diamond wedged inside the bowl.

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The couple had searched high and low for the diamond and had even pumped the entire tank of the toilet through a strainer, but to no avail.

Decades after the diamond had first gone missing, it appears the diamond was actually lodged in the toilet after all and the pair knew "exactly what it was" when they were offered the piece.

But the pair did not receive their recovered ring until Christmas Day as a surprise gift, hopefully after it had been cleaned.

Shaina spoke of the discovery, saying: "It was kind of an ugly cry. I sat there and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is my ring. This is my ring.' I'm wiping my eyes and mascara is going everywhere."

The couple are set to either pass on the ring or use it in a new piece of jewellery, New York Post reported.

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But the pair are still debating on what to do with their piece, although it could be incorporated into a diamond piece for future generations.

It would be an heirloom with quite the backstory for the family, who are now advising people check their toilet bowls for lost items.

Husband Nick Day joked: "Check your toilets when you lose things."

It appears to have worked out in the case of nick and Shaina, who found their jewel-encrusted ring lodged in their toilet, learning their lesson after losing their much-loved ring.

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