Crazy claims Queen ‘died months ago’ and was replaced by a hologram in public

Wild conspiracy theorists claim the Queen died months ago and was replaced by a hologram in public appearances.

Other nonsensical tales to have spouted from so-called QAnon believers include the suggestion that the late monarch was murdered as part of a wider plan.

The online community which lures in impressionable largely US-based right wing fanatics, has erupted with ideas since Elizabeth II's death on September 8.

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Just two days earlier, Her Majesty was pictured welcoming new Prime Minister Liz Truss to both her post and Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

According to some, however, Ms Truss was photographed shaking hands with merely a hologram of the Queen.

The timing of the announcement of the 96-year-old's passing has also been held as too cryptic to be a coincidence as September 8, 2022 apparently marks 1,776 days since QAnon first emerged.

Obviously 1776 is pivotal to the conspiracy spouting movement as it was the year the United States gained independence from the British crown.

QAnon enthusiasts The Patriot Voice, a.k.a. John Sabal and his wife, Amy, have suggested that Queen Elizabeth II may have been killed as part of a vague plan that has secretly been carried out for years.

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The Patriot Voice told their 64,000 Telegram followers that the Queen's death happened exactly 1,776 days after the first "Q drop" on the message board site 4chan from a mysterious figure known as 'Q.' in October 2017.

The Patriot Voice wrote: "The Queen died EXACTLY 1776 days after the first Q drop.

"Say what you want…I do NOT believe in coincidences. The scope of this operation is FAR more complex than we can even begin to imagine."

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Stormy Patriot Joe, another prominent QAnon account said: "Today the Queen passes. I'm sure it's all a coincidence."

The Daily Beast's Will Sommer reports QAnon followers "really hated the queen" yet only once has Elizabeth II been mentioned in the thousands of Q drops since 2017.

Mr Sommer said: "One faction thought a random New Zealand guy was the rightful monarch. I've seen multiple speeches derailed at QAnon conventions when speakers stopped talking about Democrats to rant instead about the House of Windsor."


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