Creepy sea creature with five re-growable ‘penis’ heads has people in hysterics

A sea creature which hilariously appears to be made up of five pink penis heads has baffled social media users.

The granulated sea star – also known as the doughboy star fish– is certainly up there when it comes to animals resembling human genitalia.

Stubby arms compared to standard star fish are topped by rounded pink ends, each with an awfully familiar central detail.

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A Sir David Attenborough parody Twitter account shared a snap of one of the eye-catching creatures on Thursday morning.

It was captioned: "When startled the Five Dicked Starfish windmills each of its love wands to scare off would be predators."

A stunned follower commented on the clip: "OMG is this for real."

Over on Facebook footage shared by RVS Fishworld INC shows the sheer size of the animals as a man handles one, at the surface of a water tank.

The person holding the animal in water can be heard saying: "This is for you Barry, a giant five-headed-dick star. Look at the size of the heads on this thing.

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"Wow, wow. Beautiful, beautiful. My God, I can't even fit my hand around the head of it, it's huge. Huge five-headed-dick star, it's beautiful."

The clip sparked plenty laughter between pals tagging each other, who could not look past the creature's thick 'penis' arms.

Someone commented: "lmfaooo omg it's so thick & chunky and the way he's holding it is freakingggggg me out."

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One woman tagged her mate, joking: "Bet you wish it was this one you could have touched at sea life.

A winking emoji and "why wasn’t this at sealife?," followed in reply.

One person joked: "Cant put your hand around it. Is what she said. Lol. Sorry couldn't help it."

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Officially called, Choriaster granulatus, the creature resides in tropical waters around the world at depths of up to 40 metres, where it uses its mouth on its belly to snaffle on carrion and small invertebrates.

According toWhatsthatfish, remarkable regenerative powers allow the star fish to grow new arms if attacked and damaged by predators.

With a maximum growth radius of around 27 cm, the animal is is a lot larger than other sea stars.

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