Creepy spots you can only visit on Google Maps including mysterious Russian town

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While much of planet Earth is accessible for tourists, there are some creepy and secretive locations that you can never visit.

Take an island full of the world's most venomous snakes for example, a Russian town which has banned everyone apart from a select few inhabitants, or the infamous Area 51 in the US.

The only possible way to have a peek at these spots is to use Google Maps.

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Her are eight of the spookiest spots in the world that you will never be able to enter.

1. Snake Island, Brazil

This is the place of nightmares for any traveller seeking refuge on an island.

Apparently we should thank the Brazilian Navy for prohibiting visitors to this place of nightmares.

Commonly known as Snake Island, Ilha de Queimada Grande, an island off the coast of Brazil, is home to more 4,000 slithering snakes including the golden lancehead, one of the most venomous vipers on the planet.

It can melt human flesh with its venom. If you are not put off enough by the sheer horror inhabiting the island, go to Google Maps and view it in safety.

2. Site-R, USA

Site-R, based at the Raven Rock Mountain Complex in Pennsylvania, is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the US.

Behind its giant steel doors is an underground nuclear bunker a staggering 60 storeys beneath the surface.

Situated near the Blue Ridge Summit, it is where humanity will retreat to in the event of a nuclear war or alien invasion.

Hopefully we will never have to go there. But you can take a look at it in on Google Maps.

3. Bohemian Grove, US

Bohemian Grove is another closely guarded secret.

Located in California, every summer this place organises weekend camps for the most powerful men in the world with politicians to musicians rocking up.

It is a restricted 2,700 acre site and is basically an exclusive gentleman's club.

Former US president Herbert Hoover was given Old Guard status after more than 40 years of membership.

You may like to know exactly what they get up to but no-one has a clue apart from those visitors who get invited.

There are quite a few rituals that take place, including a raging bonfire in front of a giant owl at the site.

4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Situated in the North Sea on the Norwegian Island of Spitsbergen are more than 250 million seeds hidden deep within a vault.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was designed to protect a broad selection of the world’s seedlings in case the world ends.

The seeds have the ability to withstand any natural calamity or any type of explosion, but only designated researchers with a valid permit can visit.

5. Area 51, USA

Area 51 is one of the most infamous places in the world and certainly one of the most restricted.

The desert base, which is entirely off-limits, has been the basis of countless conspiracy theories. Believers claiming it is where the government is stashing alien corpses, UFOs and extraterrestrial remnants from crash sites.

Former staff Bob Lazar claimed in 1989 that he had worked at Area 51's "Sector Four" said to be located underground inside the Papoose Range, near Papoose lake. He claimed that he was contracted to work with alien spacecraft that the government had in its possession.

While it will never be possible to truly understand what goes on behind the sealed gates, you can still catch a glimpse of the structures that make it up on Google Maps.

6. Mezhgorye, Russia

From a first glance, Mezhgorye may look like your typical Russian town.

But don’t let the lush green lawns fool you as Mezhgorye is known as a closed town and only allows a select few to visit with authorisation.

Everyone else is forbidden and heaven help what would happen to you if you decided to make a visit uninvited.

Rumours suggest the residents of this town are working on a top-secret nuclear project around Mount Yamantau. No one knows for sure but best thing to do if you are intrigued is to check it out on Google Maps.

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7. Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

A trip to Vatican City should be on the to do list for every traveller.

There’s art, incredible architecture and so much history.

But one particular place in the holy city is totally off limits to tourists – the Vatican Secret Archives.

It is one of the world’s oldest libraries that houses ancient books and texts for popes.

And there are also a few extra conspiracy theories about this place. Many believe that this library has books that might have proof of alien existence.

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